Next generation ground school

Padpilot delivers next generation theory books for the airline pilots of the future. Portable, interactive, colourful and immersive, these are not simply digital versions of traditional textbooks. These are the books student pilots ask for.

Equally effective for full time and distance learning environments, Padpilot materials can be be used for integrated and modular pilot training programmes and can be paired with instructor classroom presentations, interactive 3D teaching models, online exam monitoring systems as well as training and compliance support documents for a complete solution for the theoretical knowledge phase of pilot training.


Best in class

Padpilot books build students knowledge and understanding gradually, from basic principles to complex concepts. Written by pilots for pilots, our subject matter experts assume no previous knowledge and use simple, straightforward language to bring clarity and ease to each of the ATPL subjects.

Always up to date, and inspired by evidence-based training, these portable, digital books contain interactive features that bring theory to life with full-screen video, animations and teaching sequences, bringing visual explanations to the difficult areas of the course.

We offer 1st and 2nd Edition ATPL books, depending on which syllabus is required. The 2nd Edition books are designed for the EASA 2020 syllabus and contain updated content and features, including end of chapter Summary pages, which summarise the syllabus Learning Objectives, and electronic quizzes to help students prepare for the regulatory exams.

Bring your classroom to life

To assist your teaching or revision sessions, we can provide Keynote presentations. These are used on licence and give instructors complete access to our stunning 2D and 3D images, plus video content. Ideal for virtual or classroom delivery.


Manage your students

ATO Learning Management requirements can be taken care of with one of our Learning Management systems. The Padpilot iMRS (Learning Management and Reporting System) provides simple assessment methods that can be adapted to an ATOs requirements and provides a straightforward online exams monitoring system.

We will soon be offering a brand new and upgraded LMS with additional features and enhanced usability. For more information about its features and tools, please contact our Sales and Business Development Director,

In either LMS, students are able to take regular progress tests set by instructors, and the questions can be dynamically assembled from a ready to use pool. Questions can be chosen from one of three categories:


Tests the student’s understanding of the key concepts underlying a piece of knowledge.


Tests the student’s recall of essential facts.


Tests the student’s mastery of key skills such as calculation, plotting and the use of the navigation computer.

Find out more

Whether you want to update your ATO’s theory books, or need an entirely new learning system, let us create a bespoke package to suit your requirements.

Discover how Padpilot materials could support your pilot training academy or ground school. Contact our Sales and Business Development Director, for more information.