Welcome to iTunes U for Padpilot HD

Your courses designed by you and delivered to your students in one convenient place.

Now it’s easier than ever to have all your courses on an iPad. You get to distribute your training materials in a new way and your students get a rich, interactive learning experience using the free iTunes U app for your iPad.

iTunes U Library
Landscape of Subjects

Your Course In One App

From the iTunes U app, students can read books, play videos and view presentations. They will see a list of assignments for their courses and check them off as they complete them.

When instructors need to send a message or create a new task, students will receive a push notification containing the new information.

Integrates with Apple Books

Padpilot HD Books for ATPL can be assigned to your course and put into course modules. With iTunes U, you can access your books directly from within the iTunes U app. Students simply tap them to start reading the assigned chapter or a specific section of a book.

Notes taken in Apple Books are consolidated for easy reviewing in iTunes U plus if you require a student to watch a video, one tap can take them straight to it.

iBook and Itunes U Intergration
What iTunes U offers

What’s In A Course

Your iTunes U course will include all the things you would have in a typical course; theoretical material, course structure and study guides which you can print out from within the app.

You can include Keynote presentations and will have access to the Padpilot Learning System to monitor your student’s progress. To assist their studies you can also add additional content, internet links, Apple Books and apps from the App Store.

Building a Course

Using iTunes Course Manager you can create a complete course using all of your digital material.

On-screen instructions guide you through the process and everything you upload is hosted by Apple and available to anyone taking the course. You can easily amend or modify your course and up to five instructors can collaborate on a single course.

iTunes U on Mac
iBooks Library

Delivering the Course

To get your course to your students, simply invite them to enrol in it by sending them a code or URL that allows them to request enrolment.

This request will then be authorised by you to grant them access. This method of course distribution is private and only available to students who have signed up for the course and the instructors that have been given permission to be editors.