Student Pilot Progress Tracking

The iMRS is a secure online management reporting system website where you will find the progress tests and final exams you need to take as part of your ATPL theory course studies.

As soon as you login with a valid Student ID and password you will see the list of tests and exams which form part of your course, in the sequence in which you must take them. Completed tests will have a colour-coded result entered on the right side of the table showing whether you passed or failed the test according to a pass mark set by your school.


When you click on any test in the list the iMRS will automatically prepare a set of questions for you. Each test covers a specific set of topics and subjects but a different set of questions will be shown each time you open the test. When you have completed all the questions in a test, or when you decide to exit the test, the iMRS shows you a summary of your results for each question.

iMRS Screen
Padpilot iMRS Test

Student Testing

The results summary shows the test of the question, the correct answer and whether or not you got it right. Where we have produced additional information to explain why the correct answer is what it is, you can view it by clicking on the “Read More” link.

Student dashboard

When you navigate back to your home page the colour-coded result for your latest test will be shown in the list of tests.

That’s all there is to it. It really is as simple as that! The iMRS has been specially coded to display quickly and efficiently on iPads and other large screen mobile devices.

Padpilot Student Progress