Achieving new heights starts on the ground


Padpilot brings theoretical knowledge to life

No other ground school material is as advanced, or as up-to-date. With Padpilot books, students engage with the subject matter, leading to long term understanding and better knowledge retention. Straightforward explanations that assume no previous knowledge, animated graphics, 3D models and relevant case studies deliver a learning experience that gives student pilots the best possible preparation for exam success and their future airline career.

Our digital books are available for ATOs (approved training organisations) or can be purchased directly from our Apple Books Store. They are available for iPad, Mac and iPhone and updates to existing books are always free of charge.

For ATOS, we offer our full range of books, from Pilot Foundation Stage through to ATPL, as well as classroom presentations, learning management systems, and training and compliance documentation. We can create a bespoke package to suit your ATO and always deliver comprehensive customer and technical support to our partner schools. To find out more about Padpilot ground school solutions for your ATO, please email or click here.

Book Structure

Books are structured into chapters and topics. At the end of each chapter there is a summary and interactive quiz. While the main content teaches the theoretical knowledge necessary for modern airline operations, the summaries and quizzes directly relate to the EASA Learning Objectives, making exam revision and preparation easier.


3D Models

Studying ATPL theory is easier when you can move and zoom your way around 3D models and structures. Ideal for visual learners, our 3D models (and other interactive features) help explain some of the more complex concepts visually, as well as with text. These 3D models are also viewable in Augmented Reality for a more immersive learning experience.


Our books contain hundreds of embedded videos and animated graphics to help bring theory to life. Once the video has started playing you can rotate the iPad to landscape for full screen viewing capability.


Search and Lookup

Text search within Padpilot books is thorough and contextual, making it easy to see exactly which result is most relevant. Double tapping on any word or phrase brings up the options menu. This allows you to chose to look up the word, highlight the text or search either online or offline for further information.

Threat and Error Management Flags

The EASA 2020 syllabus gives greater emphasis to Threat and Error Management (TEM).

Padpilot 1st Edition ATPL books already identified threat and errors with red flags throughout the text and the 2nd Edition books contain more of these. Adopting TEM principles not only brings ground training into line with best industry practices but also captures the attention of students and motivates their studies.


Connecting the Dots and Case Studies

These two sidebar features give additional information that support the main content.

The Connect The Dots icon gives information which explains how the knowledge on that page links to related knowledge in other ATPL subjects. And the Case Studies icon gives brief case studies summarising a relevant aircraft accident.

Highlighting Text

It’s easy to highlight text in Padpilot books. Swipe over the selected text to highlight and then tap the highlighted section and a palette appears. Change colours, switch to underline or add a note instantly. You can now switch to the Notes view to see all your notes and highlights instantly organised in one place.


Making Notes

You can add your own comments and associate them with areas of highlighted text. Once you’ve highlighted the text you’ll see a note option at the end of the colour menu bar. Simply click on the note icon and input the text you want.

When you take notes or highlight passages, iCloud pushes them to all your devices automatically. It also remembers which page you’re on, so you can pick up where you left off.

Study Cards

When you add notes or highlight text within Padpilot books, it’s automatically turned into a study card. These cards are organised by chapter, and are a great way of creating revision notes as you study.

Once it’s time to review and revise for the ATPL exams, your study cards, combined with the chapter Summary pages, make exam preparation simple.


Explore Padpilot Books

Distance Learning Guide

A Guide to Distance Learning with Padpilot

This free book helps you study ATPL theory at home. With a ‘How To’ guide for the Padpilot book features, a suggested study programme and plenty of tips, it’ll be your companion for effective distance learning.

1st Edition ATPL(A)

Airline Transport Pilots Licence

Padpilot ATPL 1st Edition books are the most advanced theory books available for the 2006 EASA ATPL (A) syllabus. Written by current pilots, they bring theory to life with interactive features, and cover all the subjects that are a mandatory part of the old syllabus. (NB These books are not suitable for the new EASA 2020 syllabus)

2nd Edition ATPL(A)

Airline Transport Pilot Licence

The 2nd Edition ATPL books are the most up to date theory books available. They are fully compliant with the EASA 2020 ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge syllabus and contain updated content, new interactive features as well as thousands of quiz questions for exam revision.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for Aviation

The STEM-A book provides a comprehensive revision of the maths, physics and scientific knowledge needed prior to beginning commercial pilot training. Ideal for pre-course preparation, this book meets the requirements of training organisations and contains electronic quizzes for self testing.


Private Pilot Licence

Padpilot PPL books give private pilots the highest standard of theory education from the beginning of their flying career. Written by current pilots and instructors, these books are ideal for modular pilots who plan to progress to commercial training in the future.


Performance Based Navigation

This book is written by pilots for pilots and teaches all the knowledge required for the PBN endorsement and the supplemental PBN examination.