I was slightly unusual among the ATPL ground school distance learners, as I was a serving RAF Engineer Officer with a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Padpilot Partners_Airhub
Padpilot is delighted to welcome Airhub Flight School based as a new ATO partner in excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania supported by GetJet Airlines.

Padpilot Partners_Skies
Padpilot are delighted to welcome Skies Airline Training as a new ATO partner in excellence in Sweden providing flight crew and cabin crew training.

Padpilot are delighted to welcome Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA) as a new ATO partner in excellence based in Sweden.


OMNI Aviation

Padpilot are delighted to introduce our new partner ATO in the Philippines, OMNI Aviation who deliver modular and integrated pilot training.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Asia Aeronautical Training Academy, the first Padpilot partner Approved Training Organisation in Malaysia.



Volflight are based at Jönköping Airport and provide PPL and ATPL(A) theory instruction as well as ab-initio programmes and type ratings.

Festive Greetings
Wishing you a happy festive season and a wonderful new year from Padpilot. Please email for urgent queries over the holidays.