The Padpilot STEM-A book is now even better for ‘pre-coursers’ wanting to get ready for pilot training programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today we released a free digital guide for trainee or aspiring pilots who wish to work towards a career as an airline pilot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Padpilot Partners Svensk Pilotutbildning
Padpilot are delighted to welcome Svensk Pilotutbildning as a partner in excellence in Sweden, one of the largest pilot training academies in Scandinavia.

Student at home
The World Health Organisation has defined COVID-19 as a pandemic. Several countries have closed schools, colleges or have suggested limiting social contact.

I was slightly unusual among the ATPL ground school distance learners, as I was a serving RAF Engineer Officer with a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Padpilot Partners_Airhub
Padpilot is delighted to welcome Airhub Flight School based as a new ATO partner in excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania supported by GetJet Airlines.

Padpilot Partners_Skies
Padpilot are delighted to welcome Skies Airline Training as a new ATO partner in excellence in Sweden providing flight crew and cabin crew training.

Padpilot are delighted to welcome Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA) as a new ATO partner in excellence based in Sweden.