Free pilot training books
There is not much in pilot training that is free, but we have three books for aspiring aviators that will help get you started, whatever stage you are at.

Price Reduction
The price of some pilot training manuals in the UK has now been reduced by 20% as the government has scrapped Value Added Tax on digital reading material.

The Padpilot STEM-A book is now even better for ‘pre-coursers’ wanting to get ready for pilot training programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today we released a free digital guide for trainee or aspiring pilots who wish to work towards a career as an airline pilot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Padpilot Partners Svensk Pilotutbildning
Padpilot are delighted to welcome Svensk Pilotutbildning as a partner in excellence in Sweden, one of the largest pilot training academies in Scandinavia.

Student at home
The World Health Organisation has defined COVID-19 as a pandemic. Several countries have closed schools, colleges or have suggested limiting social contact.