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Airhub Flight School

Padpilot is delighted to welcome Airhub Flight School as a new ATO partner in excellence in Lithuania.

Airhub Flight School based in Vilnius, and is supported by GetJet Airlines. Aspiring pilots can choose between modular or integrated programmes, as well as a new ab-initio training programme with guaranteed fast track employment as a First Officer with GetJet Airlines on successful completion of the training programme.

Padpilot is the perfect fit

Ignas Bakanauskas, AirHub said, “Airhub puts digitalisation, and the need for the most advanced information for our students, as a top priority. For this reason, Padpilot is the perfect fit to be launching our new training facilities with.”

For information about the new GetJet cadet programme, please get in touch with Airhub Flight School directly.

We’re proud to be providing the most up to date ATPL theory materials to the future pilots at Airhub and wish them every success in their future airline careers.


Students training on a DA40 simulator at Airhub Flight School