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“The future of ground school learning is here. Our team has worked hard to create engaging, immersive, useful books that provide the next generation of pilots with a thorough and memorable foundation of knowledge and understanding that serves them well for their entire career,” Graham Cownie, Managing Director, Padpilot.

Advanced teaching and learning


Inspired by evidence-based training and always up to date, Padpilot teaching and learning resources deliver exceptional results for our partner ATOs. We offer a range of books from Foundation stage through to ATPL, as well as classroom presentations, learning management systems and full support documentation. We can also create a bespoke packages to suit your ATO and offer comprehensive technical and customer support. Please get in touch with or find out more here.

Student pilots

Every decision a pilot makes on the flight deck depends on the theoretical knowledge learned, practised and understood in ground training. Which is why we have created the most advanced and engaging theory materials for the next generation of pilots. Smart, interactive and portable, these are the theoretical knowledge books of the future. Available for Foundation stage, PPL, CBIR/EIR and ATPL, view free samples of all the manuals in our Apple Book Store.


The industry changes constantly. New technologies, regulations and syllabus updates mean training materials can easily go out of date. We update our books when new information becomes available, so you don’t have to, and our digital publishing platform means we can enhance and revise our materials almost instantly. We communicate with partner schools regularly to advise of updates and changes, and are always available via email or phone to assist and support with technical matters.

About Us


The team behind Padpilot share a passion for excellence and innovation in pilot training. We have current line pilots, ATPL instructors, former RAF pilots and trainers, and subject matter experts, all contributing their expertise to our books, with Padpilot MD, Graham Cownie, as Master Editor.

The in-house Graphics Department produce all our 3D models, illustrations, videos and animations and our Customer Support team look after partner schools and individual students.

Meet some of the Padpilot team


We research the best ways to deliver training and create interactive, evidence-based learning resources for the pilots of the future.

We work closely with airlines to identify core knowledge and skills requirements. The content of our material is based on EASA Learning Objectives, plus an in-depth analysis of what students need to become competent airline pilots.


Many of the Padpilot team have been involved in aviation learning system development since 1999 – when we first published e-books, at a time when black and white photocopied notes were standard.

In 2011 we produced the first interactive ATPL manuals for iPad and we continue to take advantage of technological innovations to develop new, mobile and increasingly immersive courseware.

New technologies which could transform the way we educate trainee pilots are just around the corner. Ultra-high resolution augmented reality hardware, rapid application development software for AR and conventional 3D modelling is opening educational opportunities that have not been seen before.


At Padpilot, we are constantly thinking about how we can best present and teach theoretical knowledge – and how the latest technology can help.

That’s why we upgraded traditional computer-based training (CBT) to multi-channel mobile learning via interactive iBooks.

Now, individual exploration can be combined with instructor teaching, videos, animations and augmented reality 3D models to dramatically reduce the amount of reading a student has to do.


The pace of development in aviation is incredibly fast, so it’s likely there will always be a time lag between the newest technology and the ATPL syllabus.

It’s important that publishers overcome this delay by including descriptions of all the technologies likely to be used by a new pilot from day one of his or her professional life.

Our digital publishing platform allows us to update our material almost instantly, meaning the content is always up to date. We believe it’s vital that every student pilot should have access to aviation technology and procedures that are currently used by the airline industry.

Once a student has downloaded our books, they have them for life, and updates are always free.


The results students get using Padpilot materials speak for themselves. Partner schools are now achieving average pass rates as high as 95%. Nevertheless, we continuously evaluate what we do, to see if we can do better.

Padpilot Books


Pilot Foundation Course

A preparatory course of 3 books including STEM-A: an in-depth revision of the maths & physics knowledge needed to begin pilot training.
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A series of nine Apple Books designed to take you on the first steps of your journey to becoming a professional pilot.
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Distance Learning with Padpilot

Your guide to distance learning for ATPL theory.
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The most advanced ATPL (A) theory books. 2 series available: 1st Edition for the old theoretical knowledge syllabus, and the new 2nd Edition series for the EASA 2020 syllabus with updated content and new features.
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Advance your skills to the challenging environment of instrument flight with our series of seven Apple Books.
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Flight Instructor Manual

Improve and standardise your instructional skills and techniques in the satisfying world of the flight instructor.
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DA-42 Type Conversion

Detailed information on the systems and operation of the Diamond DA-42 aircraft, used by many IR training providers.
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Performance Based Navigation

An interactive Apple Book created specifically for the new Performance Based Navigation theoretical knowledge requirement.
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