Woman Holding iPad with Stem-A Front Cover

Aviation STEM training for the next generation

We have launched a new iBook: STEM for Aviation, created to teach young aspiring pilots the science, technology, engineering and mathematics needed for a career in aviation.

The STEM-A Foundation Course was created for global ATO, Airways Aviation, for use in its pioneering Foundation Schools located across the Middle East and Asia. It is designed to introduce aspiring pilots to the basic theoretical and practical aspects of flying before they decide whether to embark on an airline pilot training programme.

Covering subjects such as trigonometry, airflow, hydraulics and human chemistry, the STEM-A Foundation Course syllabus will underpin any future aviation theoretical knowledge studies and should mean the more complex areas of aviation theory will be more easily understood when students commence professional pilot training.

Airways Aviation CEO Ian Cooper says: “Our unique foundation school model allows students to test their skills and aptitude, and importantly, whether they genuinely enjoy aviation, before embarking on pilot training. We pride ourselves on providing students with engaging and innovative training, and Padpilot’s STEM-A course is the perfect introduction to this fast-paced industry, preparing students to undertake qualifications to become a commercial pilot.”

Assuming no prior aviation knowledge, the STEM-A iBook is easy to use, read and understand. Students can highlight, search and make notes within the iBook and plenty of high-resolution 2D, 3D and animated graphics teach elements of aviation theory that are better understood by visual demonstration rather than written explanation.

“Creating aviation manuals that educate and inspire is what drives us. This exciting new iBook created for Airways Aviation’s Foundation Course will give vital STEM knowledge to young, aspiring pilots and get their aviation journey off to a great start,” says Padpilot MD, Graham Cownie.

As well as producing an industry-first STEM-A iBook, we have recently launched new digital manuals for the theory element of the EASA Private Pilot Licence , as part of our on going commitment to creating advanced learning materials for pilots that promote a deep understanding of the subject matter.