[ Pilot Foundation Course ]
[ Pilot Foundation Course ]

The information you want. The knowledge you need.
Introducing the Pilot Foundation Course.

At Padpilot, we recognise that big dreams often start early.

Becoming a pilot is the ultimate dream for many – and is often considered as a potential career from a young age, long before training can actually start. Many would-be pilots are keen to find out more about what life is like as an airline pilot, military pilot or helicopter pilot; how the industry works; what to study and if help is available?

How do I become a pilot?

The most frequently asked questions we receive from aspiring pilots are usually about how, and where, to gain the qualifications required by employers; what knowledge and skills are required – and simply, ‘how do I become a pilot?’ These future aviators are not yet ready to begin training, but want to learn, research and prepare for a flying career now. The information gathering process can be overwhelming when you’re just beginning, but we have made it simpler.

We have put together a three part Pilot Foundation Course that answers the most common questions about flight crew careers, and provides inspiration and practical information in equal measure.  Together, the Apple Books provide a solid foundation of industry and technical knowledge, equipping any aspiring pilot for future success.

Book 1: You, Yourself and Aviation

Are you thinking about a professional flying career? Book 1 is a overview of the aviation industry, the various flying careers on offer, and an explanation of all the different training routes to becoming a pilot.

Covering a wide range of topics, from a brief history of aviation to a day in the life of different types of commercial pilots, this book will equip aspiring pilots with an overview of the career options as well as the skills, personality traits, and training required to achieve each of them.

You, Yourself and Aviation is available from the Apple Bookstore.


Book 2: STEM-A

Pilot training requires a basic foundation of knowledge in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). To become an airline pilot you do not need a science degree, but you will need a high school graduate level of scientific knowledge.


Scientific knowledge for your future aviation studies.


The second book in the foundation course will provide you with the STEM subject knowledge you need for the beginning of commercial pilot training. The knowledge gained meets the pre-entry requirements of approved pilot training organisations (ATOs).

A solid grounding in these subjects cannot be overstated. What you learn in this book will underpin all the future aviation theory you will study, and will help trainee pilots understand the more complex areas of study that are found in the ATPL theory course.

STEM-A has recently been updated, and now includes 30 new quizzes for self testing prior to beginning an ATPL theoretical knowledge course.

Download STEM-A from the Apple Bookstore.

Book 3: Basic Aviation Theory

The final book in the foundation series is a pre-course introduction to aviation theory.

The theoretical knowledge phase of professional flight training (usually referred to as ‘ground school’) is often the phase that aspiring pilots are most concerned about – and with high exam marks and first-time passes being beneficial for future job applications, many students are keen to prepare well.

Basic Aviation Theory builds on the knowledge gained from the STEM-A book, and introduces the main concepts from the ATPL syllabus in a way that prepares future cadets for the ground school phase of commercial pilot training. Students will be equipped with a foundation of basic knowledge that enables success with the full ATPL theory syllabus.

This digital manual provides a comprehensive preparation for commercial pilot training courses. Basic Aviation Theory is available from the Apple Book Store.

Some ATOs are now creating pre-entry courses for future students using this material. Please contact if you would like more information about this for your academy.

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