Padpilot for Schools

Padpilot for your School

Padpilot is the leading provider of EASA ATPL theory books for iPad. It can be used effectively in Integrated and Modular training environments, including distance or self-paced learning. An ideal learning system for your ground school.

The key feature of Padpilot is mobility. You can download all your course material onto an iPad. Students can study when and where they like.

Course Material on iPads
Padpilot Material on iPads

Designed for your needs

All our ATPL books are specially designed with maximum readability in mind. We bring to life many of the dullest concepts with full-screen video, animations and teaching sequences. Adding clarity to difficult areas of the course.

Padpilot avoids the old Computer Based Training format. We return to the traditional concepts of reading, taking notes and practising – albeit within a carefully guided environment.

Bring your classroom to life

To assist your classroom teaching we also provide a set of Keynote presentations. These are used on licence and give you complete access to our stunning 2D and 3D images plus video content. Ideal for classroom delivery.

Finally for those ground schools who still wish to use printed books, all our ATPL course material is available as A4 books.

Instructor with Students

Manage your students

Our Learning Management and Reporting System (iMRS) provides new assessment methods previously only seen in very high-end solutions. Students take progress tests and each of these tests is dynamically assembled from a pool of questions. Each question can be drawn from one of three categories:


Which tests the student’s understanding of the key concepts underlying a piece of knowledge.


Which tests the student’s recall of essential facts.


Which test the student’s mastery of key skills such as calculation, plotting and the use of the navigation computer.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the PadPilot system and to discuss your requirements in detail please contact Jill Cownie at