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NEW digital manuals for PPL-A theory

We have just launched new digital manuals for private pilots, the first new books for more than 20 years.

If you are learning to fly, and want to gain your Private Pilot Licence, you can now study with the most up to date manuals available.

Our PPL-A (aeroplane) theory course delivers the complete EASA syllabus in nine iBooks that cover each of the PPL exam subjects in a thoroughly updated format.

Like the industry changing ATPL manuals we first launched in 2011, each of our PPL textbook puts aviation theory into a modern, straightforward context for today’s pilots.

We’ve created hundreds of stunning images, animations and videos to complement the text, which make these iBooks ideal for visual learners. Alongside new diagrams and updated explanations, useful questions and answers provide additional information to supplement the course.

These digital books don’t assume any prior aviation knowledge so everything is explained clearly from the beginning. Our free pre-course Maths and Physics iBook will get your maths and physics up to speed before you start the course, as well as giving you a insight into the interactive features of all the PPL iBooks.

Using interactive iBooks for studying is easy, whether on a mobile device or at home. It’s a full screen, Multi-Touch experience and you can highlight text, find definitions, search online and make revision notes within each iBook. High-resolution 2D and 3D diagrams and animated graphics explain the elements of aviation theory that are more easily understood by visual demonstration.

For private pilots who intend to progress to commercial training, our ATPL iBook manuals continue in the same interactive, easy to understand style; delivering a comprehensive aviation education where the focus is always on understanding, not just passing exams.

We make updates to all our iBooks regularly, so you can be confident that what you are reading is completely up to date with any regulatory changes.

We are incredibly excited to bring out these new iBooks. Our mission has always been to make aviation theory more accessible and more understandable; because we believe that better understanding makes better aviators.

PPL iBooks are available to download from Apple’s iBookstore now.