New Content

More Content, More Interaction.

ATPL iBooks from Padpilot are becoming even more interactive. We would like to introduce our latest development, Content Plus: brand new features designed to make ATPL theory more understandable, more applicable and more memorable.

Content Plus takes advantage of the latest iBook technology to enhance learning and understanding further and will be rolled out to all our ATPL iBooks over the next few months.

Content Plus in more detail:

Threat and Error Management red flags: our ATPL iBooks are being re-oriented towards the threat and error amendment concept and T&E flags will now be highlighted within the text.

Connect the Dots: a new sidebar icon which, when tapped, pops up text which explains how the knowledge on that page links to other ATPL knowledge, or provides a brief explanation for how academic knowledge has ‘real world’ application.

Mini Case Studies: a new sidebar icon that pops up with brief case studies summarising a relevant aircraft accident. In some cases this may also link to videos and other multimedia content on the web.

360 View: a third new icon that, when tapped, loads a 3D model from the Padpilot 3D web channel. Using simple touch and swipe, each model can be rotated and zoomed in all axes to allow any view. Each model is annotated with brief descriptions of all the significant elements. (This feature requires a wired or wifi connection).

Human Performance Version 2.9 with Content Plus:

The first ATPL iBook to be updated with Content Plus is ATPL Human Performance. We have written substantial new text to include the latest developments in psychological research, including information about the startle reflex, Recognition Primed Decision Making and a deeper explanation of the challenges of decision making in the context of the flight deck. Additional text and images describing problems with automation have also been added, we have updated more than 100 illustrations and there is a new 360 View of a human heart to explore.

As with all our iBooks, updates to existing iBooks can be downloaded free of charge from the iBookstore.