3D B787 Wing

Interactive B787 models for new ATPL Airframes and Systems iBook

Just landed! The first interactive 3D models of a B787 ever to be published in an iBook have arrived in our updated ATPL Airframes and Systems manual. Our pioneering team have been working hard to create amazingly detailed 3D models of the internal structures of this next generation airliner – and now they are ready.

Studying ATPL theory is easier when you can move and zoom your way around airframe structures, plus we have also added updated text, illustrations, threat and error management flags and Content Plus features, making this updated iBook the most advanced – and clearest – Airframes and Systems manual available.

Composite structures and construction methods are now dealt with in detail. Large aircraft wing structures have their own section and responsive 3D model. Other new 3D models show the B787 empennage structures and additional, revised illustrations have been added throughout the book. New systems including fuel tank inerting, PulseOx passenger oxygen systems and B787 electrical de-icing are now described. The electric aircraft concept and its implications for traditional aircraft architectures is also explored in detail.

To get hold of this iBook, you can purchase (or update) your own copy for iPhone, iPad or iMac from the iBookstore or, if you have not yet started pilot training, enroll with one of our partner ATOs who use Padpilot training materials.