Pilot Foundation Course

Pilot Foundation Course

Inspiration and preparation for the pilots of the future

At Padpilot, we recognise that big dreams often start early. Becoming a pilot is a goal that often chooses us before we choose it.

At careers events, and through social media, we regularly chat with young aspiring pilots keen to know more about achieving a professional flying career.

The most frequently asked questions are about how and where to gain the necessary qualifications; what knowledge and skills are needed – and simply where to start? The information gathering process can be overwhelming when you’re just beginning.

These future pilots are some years away from being able start training. The passion is palpable – but so is the frustration that training is still some way off. What can be done now? How can they best prepare themselves for a future in aviation?

Introducing the new Pilot Foundation Course from Padpilot. This three-part series of digital iBooks is packed with inspiration, information and answers to these important questions. And provides a practical and solid foundation of both industry and theoretical knowledge that equips the aspiring pilot for success during training:

Book 1 is all about the life of professional pilot: career paths, different types of flying roles, and how to make your dream job a reality.

Book 2 gives a solid foundation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) knowledge, set within, and designed for, the aviation industry.

Book 3 gives future cadets a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical knowledge they will encounter during the ground school phase of pilot training, enabling them to tackle ATPL theory with confidence.

Prepare for a flying career with research and learning now that will pay dividends during training. Download one, two or all three of the Pilot Foundation Course iBooks here.
For ATOs: Several ATOs are now putting together pre-ATPL courses for aspiring pilots, using these materials. We can make this straightforward with specific Foundation Course teaching and learning resources – please contact our Sales and Business Development Director, Cristina Messaggi for more information on packages available.