Padpilot Festive Greetings

Festive Greetings!

Festive Greetings to all our students, ATOs, partners and friends.

It has been a pleasure working with so many dedicated aviation professionals this year. More and more ATOs are choosing Padpilot to provide their education resources, which are delighted about! And it keeps us busy; moving forward, updating, improving and developing new ways to help future pilots learn most effectively.

As you probably know, at Padpilot we don’t like to stand still. So this year we have updated many of our iBooks with new ‘Content Plus’ interactive features, designed to make theoretical knowledge studies more intuitive, practical, understandable and memorable; not only for better exam results, but also for better operating skills on the flight deck.

The following ATPL iBooks have been updated so far, and the rest will follow next year:

• Advanced Instrumentation
• Airframes & Systems
• General Navigation
• Human Performance
• Radio Navigation
• Mass & Balance
• Meteorology (2nd edition)
• Principles of Flight

We have also improved our PPL iBooks and, early in the new year, we’ll be publishing a special book devoted entirely to performance based navigation. This is primarily for the benefit of pilots studying for their PBN-endorsed instrument rating.

We are hoping to publish preview copies of the new EASA syllabus books in the new year, just as soon as EASA publishes the final syllabus.

We have been busy researching brand new technologies and how best to use them for initial pilot training. For more details on our thoughts about the future, check out Graham’s presentation at the European Airline Training Symposium recently.

The Padpilot office is now closed until 2nd January, but email support is always available (including 25 December) on if you need us.

Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and partnership this year. May you fly high in 2018!

Best wishes from the Padpilot team.