[ Distance Learning with Padpilot ]
[ Distance Learning with Padpilot ]

Distance Learning with Padpilot

This short distance learning guide is free to download and explains how to study for the ATPL (A) theory exams using the 2nd edition Padpilot books. 2nd edition books are for the new EASA 2020 ATPL syllabus, although students using the current ATPL books will still find the guidance useful.

Whether you are enrolled with an approved training organisation (ATO) or have decided to do some pre-course study before committing to a pilot training programme, this book explains how to distance learn at home, and shows you how our books help you gain the knowledge and understanding needed for your future career.

It can be daunting to know where to start with ATPL theory, but with some structure and guidance, it’s possible to make good progress.


Although self-study hours don’t count towards your statutory study hours for ATPL ground school, there are some excellent reasons for ‘pre-coursing’. The ATPL theory syllabus is substantial, and many students struggle to assimilate the large volume of information within the time they’ve allowed themselves. The problem becomes more acute after you’ve attempted your first set of exams because then the clock has started running.

Pre-coursing allows you to study all the subjects at your own pace. Some students benefit from working through our Foundation Course first, before beginning ATPL theory, to gain some useful industry and scientific knowledge that the ATPL course then builds on.

When the aviation industry is booming, the pressure is on to complete pilot training as quickly as possible. This pressure can make the ATPL theory phase very stressful. Unfortunately, many students try to complete their theory studies in an unrealistically short time frame. While some can get it done in 6 months, many need longer.

Studying while the industry is quiet means the pressure is off. You can take your time and pace your studies to plan for licence completion at the point where pilot recruiting begins to pick up again.

Download the free Distance Learning Guide.