Content Plus for 2nd Edition Meteorology iBooks

New learning features for ATPL Meteorology

Content Plus is our latest iBooks enhancement. More features and content means studying ATPL theory is now even more interactive, understandable and most importantly, memorable. The Meteorology 2nd edition has been substantially re-written to improve the deep explanation of basic meteorological processes. For our partner ATOs, the updated student study guide and training manual annexes are already available and new Met classroom slides will be available shortly.

The Content Plus iBook features are:

  • Threat and Error Management red flags throughout the manual, where relevant.
  • Connect the Dots: this new sidebar icon, when tapped, pops up a text which explains how the knowledge on that page links to related knowledge in other ATPL subjects.
  • Mini Case Studies: this new sidebar icon gives brief case studies summarising a relevant aircraft accident.
  • 3D Rotations: new ‘360 View’ augmented reality models demonstrate more visual elements of the theory and can be rotated and zoomed in all axes to allow any view. Each model is annotated with the required knowledge.
ATPL (A) Human Performance has already been updated with Content Plus and we will be enhancing more ATPL manuals with Content Plus this year. ATPL (A) Met 2nd Edition can be downloaded now from the iBookstore.