Padpilot Books – Version History

Padpilot are continually updating their books with new content to improve student pilots understanding and comprehension in areas of the syllabus which our partner schools request. These changes may be to due EASA ATPL syllabus changes or merely enhancements to help students gain additional knowledge of a subject to aid them in their studies.

In order to give student pilots the best possible learning experience, Padpilot regularly improve the graphical content of their books with high quality graphics, technical diagrams, informative animations and videos to help understand key areas of their aviation theory course. We endeavour to make sure that every student has the latest content to learn from.

Click here to view a series of linked spreadsheets showing the current version for each Padpilot document and its past version history.

Padpilot Change Request

Here at Padpilot we try our utmost to ensure that all the content contained within our books is entirely accurate before publishing. However, due to the large amount of content we publish, an occasional error may have gone unnoticed in one of the books. This could be a typo, slightly incorrect information or the wrong label on a diagram. In an effort to maintain our high standards, we request that you please use this form to inform us of any suggestions or amendments you believe we should to make to our books. Padpilot takes pride in delivering the most accurate and comprehensive ATPL theory course on the market so any help you can provide to ensure this is much appreciated.

Click here to open a form to send a change request to the Padpilot editor.

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