Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

For the first time, this year we are holding a special Black Friday sale. From today, until 30th November, we are reducing two of our newer product ranges: A1 Flight Deck Posters and our latest Learning Core application.

Our Flight Deck Posters are stunning and perfectly replicate the flight decks of iconic aircraft in intricate detail. They are A1 size and digitally printed with fade-resistant ink. Available for B737, A320 and B787 these posters are ideal for student pilots; keeping the focus on the end goal and motivation high. They also make perfect gifts for the aviation fan in your life! Until 30th November these beautiful posters are reduced from £19.99 to only £12.49.

Choose your flight deck poster from our selection here.

We are also discounting our exciting new app: the Gas Turbine Learning Core. This innovative 3D model Learning Core is AR and VR ready and allows you to understand a gas turbine engine without having to read lots of text. It contains an annotated 3D interactive model of a Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine – which you can build, zoom, play, and interact with. Understanding how an engine works is made easy! It’s the perfect complement to our ATPL Engines iBook and would help any future pilot or engineer get to grips with how an engine works.

Usually priced at £9.99, you can download the interactive Gas Turbine Learning Core from the App Store for only £3.99 until 30th November.