BAA Training new partners of Padpilot

Introducing BAA Training

We are delighted to announce another new Padpilot partner school: BAA Training in Lithuania.

BAA Training is one of the largest aviation training centres in Europe, and is committed to taking Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) training to the next level with a significant investment in new aircraft and equipment; partnering with us to provide the most up to date ground school provision for their future pilots.

The Academy recently purchased 4 new aircraft: two Cessna 172s and two Tecnam T2002, which will be joining the current fleet of 2 Cessna 172s, 2 Tecnam P2006Ts and 9 Tecnam P2002JF aircraft in July.

As part of their expansion programme, BAA Training has also upgraded their ATPL education materials and Padpilot is proud to be supplying all ATPL cadets with our interactive iBook manuals and learning tools.

“With Padpilot we expect to provide the most modern EASA ATPL training in the world. Notably, the iPads with Padpilot materials will be used not only for in-class preparation, but also for practical training. It means that our students will utilise iPads while flying the aircraft, they will have access to all the theoretical elements, needed to perform the flight properly, and will have all the data accessible immediately,” explained Boris Bratusevac, Ab Initio Department Director, BAA Training.

Committed to delivering ATPL cadet programmes of the highest quality, BAA Training works in partnership with leading airlines from Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania.

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