CBIR and EIR iBooks from Padpilot

On the 1st April 2014 EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, published their Decision which focused on General Aviation pilots along with regulations on the New Competency Based Instrument Ratings. EASA’s current goal is to improve GA regulations, simplify them and provide more flexibility in obtaining such ratings. This will lead to more pilots safely operating in instrument meteorological conditions or IMC. Typically, this means flying in cloud or bad weather. Padpilot are pleased to announce the release of a series of Competency Based Instrument Rating (CBIR) and En-Route Instrument Rating (EIR) iBooks. These are the first books produced for the new EASA requirements which are available now through the iBooks Store. We have now released all 7 books in the series which are Air Law, Instrumentation, Flight Planning, Meteorology, Radio Navigation, Human Performance and IFR Communications. These books are compliant with the new EASA learning objectives for Competency Based IR. With these new regulations and Decision AMC/GM1, the European Commission and the Agency introduce three pathways towards obtaining a rating enabling pilots to fly in IMC:

  • CBIR – the Competency Based Instrument Rating (private & commercial aeroplane pilots).
  • EIR – the En-route Instrument Rating (private & commercial aeroplane pilots).
  • The Cloud Flying Rating (Sailplane ‘glider’ pilots).

The Padpilot CBIR iBooks are available for iPad or Mac (running OS X Mavericks or later). For more information about the CBIR course please contact support@padpilot.eu