APATS 2016

Conference room at APATS
Held at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Fairmont Hotel, Singapore, on 30th and 31st August 2016, the 13th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium is the largest and longest established conference and tradeshow for aviation training in the Asia Pacific region.


EATS 2015

EATS 2015 show
The European Airline Training Symposium 2015 was held in Warsaw, Poland. Padpilot exhibited there for the first time and, as in previous trade shows we received intense interest in the product from a variety of industry areas.

EATS 2015
EATS 2015 is being held at the Hilton DoubleTree in Warsaw on Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th November. Padpilot will be exhibiting on both days. Please come and meet the team and see what new developments are in the pipeline and how these will help you to extend the reach of your business into new market areas.


ASG Training

ASG Training
We are pleased to confirm ASG Training in Dublin, Ireland, have signed with Padpilot. Students will be using the innovative Padpilot Learning System for their theorectical part of the course.

NEMAX Aviation
We are please to announce the latest flying training organisation to sign with us is Nemax Aviation in Cyprus. Their students will be taught using the innovative Padpilot Learning System for the theoretical part of their course.

iBooks on iPad and iPhone
Apple's release of iOS 8.4 software update features an all-new music app and an improved iBook app, for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple have also added a number of improvements to the iBook app.

CTC Training Coventry
Investment to enable greater diversification and capacity in ab initio airline pilot training has enabled additional ATPL theoretical knowledge training capacity at a new Crew Training Centre – Coventry.

The Apple iPad is 5 years old

Happy Birthday!

The Apple iPad is 5 years old today which means that our idea for iPad based ATPL learning is also 5 years old today!

Also 5 years ago today we registered the Padpilot domain which marked our immediate switch from developing PC-based software to creating systems suitable for the iPad. In the following months we also ditched almost all our PCs and converted to Apple hardware.

Back then our PC software (which we were then licensing to Bristol Groundschool) used to be delivered via DVD – remember those?

Whilst we did our best with the tired and clunky Flash format, we knew it could be done better by making use of the exciting possibilities of the iPad. Even 5 years ago we knew that retina resolutions were on the way – though at that time the word ‘retina’ had not yet been adopted by Apple.

We also knew that the old way of doing business was dying. So we turned away from the much discredited computer based training (CBT) model in favour of well laid-out books that properly enable learning and long term retention. In this we were guided by academic research which showed that simple CBT is a recipe for learn and dump.

We thought students deserved better than that. We also thought we could do it better and cheaper than the old establishment schools. And so we did!

Just 11 months after Steve Jobs announced the iPad we had created our own new content and had begun trialling early beta versions of these entirely new books produced electronically and displayed on the iPad. They were fresh, lean and agile but comprehensive, modern and up to date.

And they stay up to date, because e-publishing lets us republish quickly and easily. Gone are the days when you had to suffer the service of the old ‘schools’ who used to content themselves with a book revision every 2 years!

It took a while for the old, fat and complacent establishment schools to wake up to the new world order. Eventually they cobbled together their out-of-date exam notes into more or less readable iPad formats. But they’ve yet to completely understand just how radically things have changed.

They copy and they imitate (which is flattering) but ultimately they just don’t get it. They simply don’t understand that the aviation industry has moved on – as have those of us at the leading edge of training development. Modern training is about delivery any time anywhere in ways that lay down deep foundational structures of understanding.

As a result, Padpilot continues to go from strength to strength. Airlines love the material, students do better with it and all good training organisations now see Padpilot as the provider of choice.

Thank you Steve Jobs and happy birthday to the iPad and Padpilot!