ATPL Advanced Instrumentation

New features for ATPL Advanced Instrumentation manual

ATPL Advanced Instrumentation is the latest ATPL manual to get our ‘Content Plus’ upgrade. We have added Threat and Error flags, Connect the Dots and Case Studies. And LOTS of new images and 3D rotations: EFIS systems and reversionary modes, Electronic Flight Bag, Angle of Attack indications, modern avionics equipment in the B787 and A350, plus new movies showing the operation of B737 automatics and programming sequences on the Boeing FMS. Content Plus features make studying ATPL theory more interactive, more understandable and most importantly, more memorable.

Content Plus features:

  • Threat and Error Management red flags throughout the manual, where relevant.
  • Connect the Dots: a sidebar icon with pop up a text that explains how the knowledge on that page links to related knowledge in other ATPL subjects.
  • Mini Case Studies: a sidebar icon that gives brief case studies summarising a relevant aircraft accident.
  • 3D Rotations: amazing, new ‘360 View’ augmented reality models that demonstrate visual elements of the subject matter. They can be rotated and zoomed in all axes to allow any view. Each model is annotated with the helpful facts and the ATPL required knowledge.

ATPL Human Performance and ATPL Airframes and Systems iBooks have already been updated with Content Plus and we will be releasing the rest of the enhanced manuals throughout the year.

An all new 2nd Edition version of ATPL Meteorology (which includes Content Plus and huge updates) is also now available.

To get hold of the new ATPL Advanced Instrumentation iBook with Content Plus, (or any of the updated manuals) you can purchase, or update, your own copy for iPhone, iPad or iMac from the iBookstore or, if you have not yet started pilot training, enroll on a pilot training course with one of our Padpilot partner ATOs to benefit from the most up to date training materials available.