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Why we’re so different

Our Focus on Quality

Quality guides everything we do.

We strive for the highest possible standards in writing, illustration and animation. Because quality pays dividends. Because quality in what we do translates into quality students.

We Understand The Aim

The aim of training is to produce well trained crew who are well prepared for the demands of modern aviation.

We reject the exam-passing approach of our competitors. We take the long view. Everything we do is devoted to the aim.

Our Support

Training materials are nothing if they are not kept up to date.

The industry changes constantly – so does our material. We are always adding, enhancing, updating and revising our material.

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Our Team

Graham Cownie: ex RAF, instructor and course designer, 28 years experience. Jill Cownie: ex RAF, student support services, 18 years experience. Matthew Collingwood: 3D Artist and designer of aviation material, 20 years experience. Plus a host of current line pilots contributing to the ongoing development of our material. To learn more click here >


We are guided by the EASA learning objectives but not constrained by them. We create material based on our in-depth analysis of what students need to become competent airline pilots. We work closely with airlines to identify core knowledge and skills requirements.


We have been at the forefront of learning system development since 1999 when our team first published e-books – at a time when most schools were still using black and white photocopied notes. Now we use the very latest developments from Apple and Adobe to create and deliver stunning new mobile learning solutions. How did we help in the evolution of aviation theory training? 


We constantly challenge our own thinking about what is the best way to deliver training. We constantly challenge our own thinking about what students need to know and how to learn it. That’s why we abandoned traditional computer based training (CBT) in favour of multi-channel learning via learning-enhanced e-books. With Padpilot’s mobile learning system you can study wherever you are.


We publish continuously because we improve, refine and enhance our work continuously. Many of our books are already in their 10th edition.


Our results speak for themselves. Schools using our material are now achieving average pass rates as high as 95% – without resorting to exam cramming and question database ‘bashing’. Nevertheless we continuously evaluate the results of what we do to see if we can do it better.

What we do


A preparatory short course contained in one book of fundamental knowledge, essential for future aviation studies.
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A series of nine iBooks designed to take you on the first steps of your journey to becoming a professional pilot.
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Advance your skills to the challenging environment of instrument flight with our series of seven iBooks.
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Sixteen iBooks providing the subject knowledge needed for the highest qualification to which you can aspire as the captain of an airliner.
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Aircraft Automation

Bridging the gap between the analogue training cockpit and automatic flight control systems.
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Flight Instructor Manual

Improve and standardise your instructional skills and techniques in the satisfying world of the flight instructor.
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DA-42 Type Conversion

Detailed information on the systems and operation of the Diamond DA-42 aircraft, used by many IR training providers.
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High Quality Graphics

Each of our Padpilot iBooks comprises a range of high quality 2D and 3D images, vector illustrations, animations and HD video.

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High Quality Graphics

Cirrus Lift, Force and Weight diagram
Aerial Radiation
Aircraft Tyre Illustration
3D Propeller Engine
Aircraft Container Illustration
3D Image of the Cabin
3D Trent Engine
B787 Flight Deck Illustration

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